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FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!
Aspire Revvo Tank

Aspire Revvo Tank

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Combines true innovation and revolutionary new technology. ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) is the first of its kind in mainstream tanks, producing unprecedented levels of flavour.

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This kind of coils has never been seen before in a mainstream tank. The coil surface area is huge which brings wicking and flavour production to a whole new level.

If you have tried a stove-top style coil before and you’re worried about vapour production then don’t be. Whilst it’s not designed to be a cloud machine it certainly does the job perfectly well.

The ohm rating of the coil is between 0.10ohm and 0.16ohm, so why the variation? Due to the nature of the coil, each one will never read exactly the same depending on certain variables.

Changing the coil is also super easy. Simply remove the mouthpiece/top cap, and unscrew the mounted splash protector locking the coil down. Discard the older coil and place the new coil over the filling tube making sure all sides of the coil sit flush to the body of the tank. Now replace the splash protector and lock in the coil. Put the mouthpiece back on and that’s it!

What’s in the box?

1 x Revvo Tank

2 x Revvo Coils

1 x Replacement Glass

10 x Spare O-Rings

1 x Protective Cap

Weight 0.12 kg

Chrome, Black, Steel/Silver

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