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EDGE 10ml E-liquid

EDGE 10ml E-liquid

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Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility here in the UK, EDGE is a premium e-liquid at an affordable price point.

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EDGE 10ml E-Liquid

EDGE 10ml E-Liquid are a well-known high street vaping brand with a wide range of well-established flavours to suit all tastes.

50/50 PG/VG

Apple – A taste that’s both sweet and fresh, emulating the crispness of green apples.

Black Ice – Rich and tangy blackcurrant notes offset by a cooling menthol wave.

Blackcurrant – One of the fruit flavours that should not be missed. This flavour is perfect for anyone who loves the fruity blends of e-liquid.

Blueberry – An e-liquid with a fruity taste making it perfect for when you want a good morning vape.

British Tobacco – If you want your traditional tobacco flavour, this e-liquid can provide it. A perfect all-day vape, especially for those that don´t like fruity blends.

Cherry – A deliciously sweet profile with bold Maraschino cherry notes.

Cherry Menthol – A twist on two flavours mixed into one e-liquid. Mixed together in this e-liquid is cherry to start, followed by menthol.

Forest Fruits – A flavour that cannot be missed. This e-liquid is a blend of berries including strawberries and blueberries.

Heizen – A best-selling classic, Heizen is an abstract blend of blue raspberry, white grape, aniseed and cooling menthol.

Menthol Tobacco – A refreshing and full-bodied blend of rich tobacco notes, perfectly off-set by cooling menthol.

Mint Blast – A fresh and uplifting blend of carefully interwoven mint flavours.

Strawberry & Lime – Combines two popular flavours, making an interesting combination.

Strawberry & Watermelon – The amazing combination of Strawberry and Watermelon, which creates a refreshing and fruity taste.

Strawberry – Pure EDGE Strawberry E-liquid, ideal for anyone that enjoys fruity flavours in their e-cigarette.

Strawberry Milkshake – Combines strawberry and vanilla to create a smooth strawberry milkshake flavour.

Very Menthol – Just like your standard menthol but with even more EDGE! A strong and refreshing menthol flavour.

Virginia Tobacco – An e-liquid that recreates of the taste of rolled cigarettes.

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03mg – Apple, 03mg – Blackcurrant, 03mg – Black Ice, 03mg – Blueberry, 03mg – British Tobacco, 03mg – Cherry, 03mg – Cherry Menthol, 03mg – Forest Fruits, 03mg – Heizen, 03mg – Mint Blast, 03mg – Strawberry & Lime, 03mg – Strawberry & Watermelon, 03mg – Strawberry, 03mg – Strawberry Milkshake, 03mg – Very Menthol, 03mg – Virginia Tobacco, 06mg – Apple, 06mg – Blackcurrant, 06mg – Black Ice, 06mg – Blueberry, 06mg – British Tobacco, 06mg – Cherry, 06mg – Cherry Menthol, 06mg – Forest Fruits, 06mg – Heizen, 06mg – Menthol Tobacco, 06mg – Mint Blast, 06mg – Strawberry & Lime, 06mg – Strawberry & Watermelon, 06mg – Strawberry, 06mg – Strawberry Milkshake, 06mg – Very Menthol, 06mg – Virginia Tobacco, 12mg – Apple, 12mg – Blackcurrant, 12mg – Black Ice, 12mg – Blueberry, 12mg – British Tobacco, 12mg – Cherry, 12mg – Cherry Menthol, 12mg – Forest Fruits, 12mg – Heizen, 12mg – Menthol Tobacco, 12mg – Mint Blast, 12mg – Strawberry & Lime, 12mg – Strawberry & Watermelon, 12mg – Strawberry, 12mg – Strawberry Milkshake, 12mg – Very Menthol, 12mg – Virginia Tobacco, 18mg – Apple, 18mg – Blackcurrant, 18mg – Black Ice, 18mg – Blueberry, 18mg – British Tobacco, 18mg – Cherry, 18mg – Cherry Menthol, 18mg – Forest Fruits, 18mg – Heizen, 18mg – Menthol Tobacco, 18mg – Mint Blast, 18mg – Strawberry & Lime, 18mg – Strawberry & Watermelon, 18mg – Strawberry, 18mg – Strawberry Milkshake, 18mg – Very Menthol, 18mg – Virginia Tobacco

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