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Love CBD Indica CBD Vape E-Liquid

Love CBD Indica CBD Vape E-Liquid

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Ideal for evening use.

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The Love CBD Indica E-Liquid contains 500mg of CBD and also 100mg of CBG. To boost the impact further it contains an Indica terpene profile, which brings about that familiar relaxing Indica feeling found in Indica strains of the plant. By combining these two essential cannabinoids of CBD and CBG with those Indica-dominant terpenes, the aim is to maximise the potential Entourage Effect in every puff.


LoveCBD Indica E-liquid has been formulated with the Banana Kush terpene profile, which is a famous Indica strain of the plant which originated in California. A lovely chill out profile, which blends nicely with the CBD and CBG for a pleasant evening vaping experience.

This is a stronger vaping e-liquid than most out there, so we recommend starting with a few puffs and waiting a few minutes to see how it affects you. CBD vaping effects come on quicker than oral CBD so you’ll know within a few minutes, but just take it a little easy when you’re new to it and find your own preferred dose.


E-Liquid Base (65% Propylene Glycol, 35% Vegetable Glycerin), CBD, CBG, Terpenes


Since 2014 Love CBD has been pioneers of the UK CBD industry. Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, they started selling CBD oils in November of 2014 – back when the CBD market (and the world) was a very different place.

They have led the way in terms of:

1) Quality: There cannabis extracts have been praised since they began, and they have spent six years honing the recipes to keep on improving them. They currently have over 4,000 reviews on Trustpilot for there products and customer service, with an average score of 4.8 out of 5.

2) Transparency: They led the way in terms of letting the customer know how many milligrams were in each bottle and in each spray of each bottle – as well as posting detailed lab testing data showing the precise amount of cannabinoids in each product.

3) Proving The Value of CBD: In 2014 almost no one had heard of CBD or understood the value of it. They believed that CBD could have profound effects on the health of millions of people in this country and we based our company and our products on that belief.

4) Understanding the Entourage Effect: There range of products is built upon the concept of the “Entourage Effect”, whereby mixing CBD, Terpenes and other cannabinoids enhances and magnifies their effects. Doing this makes the CBD oil more effective overall. This is why they named our flagship product “The Entourage Oil”, to highlight this important aspect of the cannabis plant.

There CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD balm are of unequalled quality – they led the way in 2014 and six years later they have unparalleled experience and knowledge of the cannabis plant, which allows them to make the finest CBD products on the market.

They are proud of there range of products… but more than that, they are proud to have played a role in the CBD and cannabis revolution that is taking place worldwide, as they come to better understand this complicated and remarkable plant.

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