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Nasty Juice Shisha Series Shortfill E-liquid

Nasty Juice Shisha Series Shortfill E-liquid

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A unique and characteristic range of flavours. This series is inspired by the history of shisha which all began by the Mogul Empire which dates back to the 15th century. Nasty Juice are creating four new exotic and traditional flavours to everyone to love and enjoy. This series will make you feel as if you are in the Sahara Desert enjoying the sun and embracing the culture. Each flavour is juicy and will tantalise your taste buds.

70% VG / 30% PG

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Nasty Juice Shisha

Nasty Juice Shisha Series Shortfill E-liquid

Nasty Juice are a Malaysian e-liquid company that has reached worldwide fame with their range of exotic and fruity juice flavoured e-liquids. Each bottle is packaged uniquely in tinware, with the larger bottles coming in either genuine Chubby Gorilla bottles to keep your e-liquid in great condition. The company first set up in July 2015 and released their first official range of e-liquids in December 2015

Double Apple

Imagine biting a flavourful red apple. Now double the bite and add a hint of sour, but beautifully juicy green apple and you have a perfect mix proven in the history of shisha.

Grape Raspberry

Ripe grapes, that were chosen for their fruity and earthy taste mixed with fresh sweet raspberry. Together they are like libra, a perfect balance of sweet and freshness.

Lemon Mint

Juicy, citrusy lemon, a classic sour lemonade combined with a bit of a sweet, minty cold sensation. A perfect balance of mint and lemon.

Green Grape

The combination of grapes for a crispy texture with a pop of sweetness has made this a tasty edition to our shisha recipes.

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Double Apple, Grape Raspberry, Green Grape, Lemon Mint

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