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FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!
The Three Wise Vapers

The Three Wise Vapers

When someone starts out on the road to kicking the deadly stinkies it’s important that they are still able to get a nicotine fix. Flavour can often be affected by higher levels of nicotine but to the novice this is an acceptable trade off and flavour is more of a bonus than a requirement.
It’s at this point where “pen” style devices become most effective. Products such as the Aspire Pockex are perfect for the virgin vaper searching to emulate the throat hit associated with smoking.
With the upsurge in trend now focused firmly on pod based systems, earlier starter kits have taken something of a back seat. Why is this? Simplicity of use has been increased while offering more versatility from the likes of the Smok RPM Pod,for example. Cross compatibility between pods is also now very much an appealing reality.
Pod based systems, more specifically “open” based pod systems breach into the realms of products that we can expect the intermediate vaper to cast a foggy eye over. Whereas starter kits are designed as Mouth To Lung products, open based pod systems can very often be described as Direct To Lung in their method of nicotine delivery.
We now move on to the intermediate vaper. Those who have been vaping for an extended period of time. It’s usually at this point that flavour profiles and types of juice become much more relevant.
Internally charged, or built in batteries are normally the order of the day for earlier starter kits such as the Innokin T20 and pod based systems like the Aspire Breeze. Externally charged batteries are usually associated with what are described as “box mods” and here, we enter a whole new world of vaping. The world of the intermediate vaper.
At this point words such as voltage, resistance, ohms and wattage become bandied about like they’re going out of fashion yet all are vital to the end user. Safe use and battery knowledge become paramount. For fear of sounding like a line from the Marvel Universe, with power comes responsibility. With this power also comes much more flavour satisfaction not to mention vapour production and the ability to lower nicotine levels while still experiencing a fix.
Expect to find the intermediate vaper using products such as the Aspire Odan Tank sitting on top of the GeekVape Aegis X Mod
Finally we reach the fully experienced vaper. Very often found in the local vape shop and stereo-typically sporting thick bushy beards for some reason!
Mechanical Mods have been designed solely for those that have complete knowledge and experience of battery safety. This is because the “tube” mods are not reliant on any built in safety boards or circuitry that most box mods offer.
These vapers will normally twin their mechanical mod with a dripper or RDA (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer) for the most intense flavour any liquid can provide. It’s the reason vape shops are often clouded out too!

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