FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!
FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!
Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid – New To Vaping?

Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid – New To Vaping?

When making the life changing decision to quit smoking, vaping is a fantastic less-harmful alternative that allows you to still get your nicotine fix. You can get your fix in a plethora of different e-liquids such as Bomba Juice, Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid, Mums Home Baked, IVG Range and many more. But when vaping, there is no such thing as just a vape, there is a huge array or different mods, kits, tanks, and batteries along with different coils and chargers.

When acquiring your first vape you may be stuck as to which to choose, it can be a difficult decision as there is a lot of variety. Vape kits are a good place to start as they are prebuilt vapes, meaning you don’t need to worry about buying all the correct parts while ensuring compatibility. Although most vape parts are compatible and interchangeable, some aren’t and you don’t want a vape tank that requires too much wattage that your mod can’t support adequately, resulting in poor battery life.

If you decide to build a custom vape suited to you, you will need to consider all parts. There are a variety of different batteries or mods, which are available in a range of colours and sizes with different mAh capacities. The higher the mAh grade, the higher the capacity of the battery, resulting in longer battery life between charges.

Higher mAh capacities are better suited for larger tanks, which can hold up to 2ml of liquid. Tanks and clearomizers are available in range of styles, sizes, and colours. Clearomizers are typically smaller and suited for smaller batteries, where tanks match best with larger mods as the larger mod can appropriately support the tank.

When filling your clearomizers or tanks, the different sizes determine the amount of vape liquid that can be used. Vape liquids are available in multiple different flavours and strengths, such as 10ml, 20ml, 50ml and 100ml. You are able to choose the strength of nicotine in your vape liquid, with strengths varying from 0mg, 3mg, 5mg, 10mg, 18mg and 20mg.

Listed below are some of our best sellers we would recommend to you!

Bomba Juice

Inspired by ancient mythology, the Bomba Juice fruit fusions by Drippin Junkies is the stuff of legend. Hydra, Kraken, Medusa, Trident, Zeus… join the Gods and “Taste The Myth” of fruity madness, available HERE.

Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid

Our signature Ultimate Version 2 E-liquid range is 100% UK made at an unbeaten value. The broad variety of tasty Ultimate Version 2 E-liquid flavours are available in a range of strengths, flavours, and sizes available HERE.

Mums Home Baked

Mum’s back and better than ever with a delectable range of 10 home-baked recipes, created with the highest quality ingredients for everyone to enjoy.

IVG Range

The IVG range covers all bases providing enough flavour for everyone in a variety of strengths for all the nicotine lovers out there.

Dinner Lady

Is it dinner time yet? The Dinner Lady has cooked up an unbelievable range of delicious icy, fruity, minty and sweet desserts, making enough for everybody.

You can shop our complete range of vape hardware and e-liquid products such as Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid HERE.

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