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FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!
Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid & Vape Maintenance

Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid & Vape Maintenance

Looking after your vape is important for its performance, as leaving it to get filthy can affect this. It is a common mistake that people confuse poor performance and an awful tasting due to your vape being dirty with the need to buy a completely new one. 

How Often Should I Clean My Vape? 

Throughout the course of the day and over time, your vape will collect dirt and vape liquid residue. To prevent the disgusting build-up of mess, its best to clean your vape tank at least once a week, if not more.  

Cleaning your vape will help with performance and improve the flavour. If you clean the tank every time you change e-liquid, this will ensure you avoid getting a stale taste of the old flavour and allow you to experience the full potential of your new Ultimate Version 2 e-liquid. 

How Do I Clean My Vape Tank? 

Cleaning your vape tank is a much easier and quicker job than you think. All you require is warm water and something to dry it with after. First, you will need to remove the tank from the battery and disassemble the tank.  

You will then need to pour out any remaining e-liquid and thoroughly rinse the tank with warm water. Once you have washed away all remaining e-liquid and residue you then need to dry the tank as best you can, and your tank is all clean and good to use. 

It is good to note that the coils however cannot be cleaned, so depending on your vape usage, these will need to be replaced every few weeks. 

How Do I Get the Best Performance from My Vape? 

Exactly how you wouldn’t let your phone battery die or car tank run until it is empty, you shouldn’t let your vape liquid run empty either. Ensuring there is enough liquid in your tank at all times is important as excessive use at a too low or too high amount can affect the performance of your vape. 

Frequently using your vape when the tank is running dry or overfilled can cause damage to your vape and shorten its life. 

What Are the Signs I Need to Replace My Coil? 

A run down or burnt-out coil can affect the taste and performance of your vape, ensuring you change your coil frequently is essential for the best vaping experience possible. 

Signs to keep an eye out for that indicate you need a new coil are things such as experiencing a burning taste when using your vape. If you are vaping a burnt-out coil, you will experience an unpleasant burning taste every time you use it, if you keep using your vape once the coil is dead it can lead to further problems with your vape. 

The majority of the time you can tell your coil is coming to the end of its life as your vape liquid wont taste as strongly and you will experience a light distaste and slight burning. Changing your coil will fix this problem and allow you to vape will full taste again, without harming your vape. 

How Do I Change My Coil? 

Knowing how to change a coil can help you keep great maintenance of your vape and allow maximum performance all of the time. To start you will need to disassemble your vape and remove your tank. 

Once you have removed your tank from your vape you will then need to remove any leftover e-liquid that is present. When putting the new coil into your vape you will need to pre-soak the dry wicking material with 5-10 drops of the vape liquid you are going to use to avoid mixing flavours. 

This helps to avoid the dry wicking material from burning when you are trying to use your vape. Once the new wicking material is pre-soaked you are then done and ready to unscrew the old coil and replace it with the new one, re-assemble your vape and you are good to go. 

For more information about vape hardware, maintenance, and e-liquids such as Ultimate Version 2, you can shop our full range HERE. 

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