FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!
FREE Delivery on all Short Fill E-Liquid Orders over £20!



A full range of E-liquids including Shortfill, 10ml TPD, Nic Salts and Nicotine Shots.

The e-liquids on this website are all sourced from UK based suppliers only. This ensures that you are buying high grade e-liquids only!!

There is a full range of 10ml TPD complaint e-liquids. These e-liquids are generally used for smoking cessation. If you want to give up smoking you may want to start with a higher Nicotine content, typically these e-liquids are supplied in 0,3,6,12 or 18Mg Nicotine content. If you start high then gradually reduce down to 0Mg Nicotine removing your Nicotine dependency.

Nic Salts can also be bought in 10ml TPD compliant bottles. And are also used for smoking cessation, the main difference here is a smoother hit on the back of the throat however a lot of smokers who initially give up miss the throat hit, if this is you move over to Nic Salts only if your happy to miss the throat hit.

Shortfill e-liquids are available also. A huge range of them is available here at CloudvapingUK! Shortfill are ALL nicotine free, if you want a Nicotine hit you can add a Nicotine Shot separately (sold separately). This is where the name comes from as the bottles are not filled right to the top, leaving enough room for you to add a Nicotine Shot to the bottle. These are usually not vaped at a higher Nicotine strength than 6Mg and in fact most people who want Nicotine usually only use 3Mg strength, this is due to the large volume of vape you inhale. Shortfill are generally High VG and are the type of e-liquid you might see in the street exhaling huge amounts of vapour.

    • Ultimate Nerd Salts 10ml

      Ultimate Nerd Salts 10ml E-liquid


      Unleash your inner nerd with these unbelievably tasty nic salts!

    • King CBD 7000mg CBD E-liquid 120ml

      King CBD 7000mg CBD E-liquid 120ml


      KING CBD E-liquid King CBD 7000mg CBD E-liquid 120ml A select range of 13 fruity flavours all infused with CBD with all the benefits that grants. Once you’ve had a taste of King CBD’s E-Liquids, you’ll feel suitably majestic for quite a while. Just vape as you normally would with…

    • CBDfx Vape Series 1000mg (30ml)

      CBDfx Vape Series 1000mg (30ml)


      NOTE: This product is NOT a Full Spectrum CBD product. It is made with Pure CBD Isolate Crystals and contains the CBD molecule only. For Full Spectrum products, please check the rest of the CBDfx range and should you have any questions, please get in touch.

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